Some of our favorite things...

Buy Local Line

Showcasing a small sampling of our local artisans- we are excited to introduce you to some unique items that are sure to jump right into your hands! Our current favorite is a unique skin and body care line. Each product has been carefully crafted and is free of harsh detergents and chemical ingredients. This is sure to be a favorite item to give as a gift or take some home for yourself.


Hand-poured Beeswax Candles

Although not exactly local- this husband and wife team from Arizona craft an amazing line of antique bottle-shaped beeswax candles. Most candles are made from chemical paraffin, a byproduct of petroleum. But honey bees produce an organic, smokeless, ionizing, sweet smelling fuel. It burns longer and brighter than any other wax. Step inside our shop and visit these gorgeous treasures today!

Keys to other doors

I Want It All

Are you looking for a unique way to surprise someone with a spa gathering on their special day or do you simply want to exclusively reserve our area for a few hours? Give us a call. *After hours consideration is given for small parties/events that do not conflict with previously scheduled events at the main Inn.

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking for amazing and talented salon and spa service providers. If you are a licensed professional and interested in being part of our Irongate team, please contact us today at 

or call 828.625.2525 ext. 116.

Spa Etiquette

We request that you arrive to your appointment 5 to 10 minutes prior. If spa staff cannot make reasonable adjustments to the schedule, late arrivals may be asked to reduce their treatment time or service. No adjustments in price of the original treatment/service will be made. We also ask that you are respectful of others while in the spa. We ask that our clients and staff use soft voice tones while in conversations. Please place cell phones, ipads, etc. on silent. No video recording or photographs are to be made in the spa without prior approval.

Spa Policies

We observe a 48-hour cancellation policy for all appointments. Failure to notify will incur a 20% charge of your scheduled service(s). Group events and/or multiple room charges may incur an automatic gratuity- to be discussed with you prior to billing. When booking your appointment, non-inn guests will be required to secure their appointments with a credit card. Salon  (Hair & Make Up) appointments cannot be traded with other scheduled appointments unless prior arrangements have been made with the spa staff. 

*Prices & Menu are subject to change.